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Looking For A Franchise – look no further!

Looking For A Franchise was created based on personal experience of not knowing where to start looking for a franchise that was the right fit for my needs and wants when I was searching for a business.  What I did know was that I wanted to succeed in business and give me the lifestyle and flexibility that I knew I could gain from owning my own business.  In order to achieve this I needed to first find the right franchise system suited to me and as a result conduct my own research and due diligence before entering into any business.

As you can see there are many systems out there all pitching for our attention – but choosing which one was right for me was the challenge I faced. So finding a platform which gave me a vast array of business choice and not feeling as though once I had enquired that I was pressured into making a rushed decision. 

I just wanted to find a platform where I could find lots of information on franchise systems that fitted in perfect with my needs, in order for me to explore further. I don’t like to waste people’s time and I felt that I was only prepared to make that call once I was confident in which brand I was interested in.

Therefore, at Looking For A Franchise, we showcase many different systems in many different categories and from time to time, in the same category.  This is not to push any particular brand to you or pressure to make an enquiry on one in particular brand, but in fact to give you options for you to further investigate which one resonates best with you. We don’t want to to confuse you or over cloud your judgement with an over kill of information, hence why we keep it short and simple.  It is totally up to you to further explore that brand with their franchise recruitment team directly. 

We help many people start their research by getting them to complete the quiz on our home page From your response, we provide you with a list of suitable franchise systems that may fit your lifestyle, interests and budget.  From this list, it is up to you to decide which franchise system resonates best with you in order to explore that particular brand further.

No need to speak to anyone if you are not ready to start that process as yet. Looking For A Franchise is simply a platform where you can obtain the information you require to commence looking further into a particular brand.  No pressure and no need to make any decisions, just be prepared to read and research each franchise system before you commit to taking your enquiry to the next level.

Have a look at all of our franchise systems we have to date, keep checking as from time to time we add new brands to our website.