Creating a Successful Mindset in Business!

In order to create a successful business, the most important aspect to master is having a successful and positive mindset.  Being a positive person and always looking for a positive outcome instead of dwelling on the negatives is the best way to overcome challenges that life in general throws at us.  However, in business not having the correct mindset can either make you or break you. 

Here are the 10 most successful key points that have been extensively researched and also has been experience d at first hand within our business journey.  These attributes will help you create the perfect mindset that is required to build and maintain a successful and sustainable business.


  1. Understanding your “WHY”

Why do we do certain things in life? Why are we making certain decisions we make?  All of these questions will lead to a reason as to “why” we do what we do in life.  Know and understand where you are wanting to head or achieve in life is the number 1 key factor that you must have super clear in your mind in order to decide on how and what you need to do to reach it.  Understanding your own goals and having clarity will give you a clear path you need to follow to achieve these goals.  Most of the times our “Why” arises from an emotional reason, a family achievement or pride you want to accomplish.  Whatever the reason may be, be sure that you ask yourself “why” do I want to achieve these goals? Ask yourself “Am I achieving these goals to better myself or my family?  I know this may sound bad however, by helping yourself first you will be able to help others moving forward. Don’t be afraid of doing things that at first will benefit you personally and will create a successful mindset in business. 


  1. You are in charge of your destiny

Understand that you can affect your own outcome.  How many of us wanted to own our own car? In order to own your own car, you need to know how to drive one.   This is the same aspect in business, you simply can’t just say I want to own my own business, but not know or want to learn how to run or manage this business.  It takes skills to learn how to drive a car as it does to run or own a particular business.  It takes practice, persistence and constant positive attitude to be competent to drive and change gears automatically without having to put so much thought into it.  The same goes in owning your own business.  You are the only that creates your own pathway in life, if you want something, you need to work hard to obtain and once you have achieved this, you need to make it happen.  This will come with being in charge of your destiny and life and knowing what you want.  Your aim is…strive to achieve your goals and create the pathway you wish to take but always in a positive and successful mindset in business.


  1. Identify & follow your core values

Your values are essentially what you have grown up with, being taught by the wiser person who has influenced you in life. It is what drives you and makes you the person you are today.  It is also known to be a key contributing factor to your effective decision making. It is said that those who follow their core values, act in a genuine and honest manner – can live in harmony. Things come to those that are patient but persistent in a positive way in life.


  1. Search for and overcome your negative beliefs

It’s amazing to hear that our subconscious mind is super powerful. Beliefs have the power to create or to destroy.  If you have a strong belief in something – your brain will automatically work on pilot hunting for evidence to validate your brain. You must redesign your belief system so that it supports and nurtures you and rewire your brain to support you on your journey to success. A positive and successful mindset in business will get you further than a negative one.


  1. Take 100% responsibility of your actions

You must never blame others or your circumstances for your results – in doing so you disempower yourself and make yourself a victim in your own life.  You can choose to passively accept the excuses you have told yourself and stay put – or you can accept responsibility for your actions and results, either good or bad and focus on how you can affect change, learn, grow and make things the way you want them to be.


  1. Take control of the choices you make each day

Each choice we make in life is something we can only hold ourselves accountable for.  Knowing and understanding what choices we make and the effects that it will bring to us will be something that only an individual can live with and be responsible for.  Your choices you make will influence your results and the pathway life takes you.  Ask yourself questions such as “What is important to me at the moment that makes or would make me happy? What am I choosing not to do that is stopping me from being happy? What do I need to do to be success?


  1. Eliminate secondary gain

Do you ever find yourself avoiding what you know you should be doing?  Sabotaging your own chances of success? Secondary gain is to blame for this kind of behaviour. On some level, you get a reward or something positive out of engaging in the negative behaviour.  It might be about staying where it is known to be a safe and a comfy place or environment, avoiding the fear or the unknown territory or being in control.  To eliminate or get rid of secondary gain you must hold yourself accountable and recognise the choices you are making and the implications of those choices.


  1. Be willing to tolerate pain & uncertainty

Our tendency as humans is to do more to avoid the pain rather than do things for pleasure. This is what leads to self-destructive patterns of behaviour, blaming others, giving up when things get too hard and avoiding things. The amount of money/ income we make or generate equals to the amount of uncertainty and pain you can handle. As such you must learn to embrace the unknown instead of relying on the certainty you have in yourself. Trust that you will keep taking action and find ways to move yourself or hit your targets that you want to achieve in life.


  1. Become resilient & continue to take action

The path of success is calculated by the amount of risks, actions and experience you have accomplished in life.  So, it is imperative that you practice behavioural flexibility and follow the path that you have set out to achieve.  This means trying something, taking on the challenge, if it doesn’t work, then try something different and so on.  Build and practice being resilient and take continuous action.  The takings from this is that you must take on your fears, pains and failures that you encounter along the way and seek to find the learnings, insights and display of courage that will lead you towards becoming successful in whatever you set your mind on.


  1. Invest in yourself

Knowledge is power and this is a reflection as to how successful you become in life. It also means that understanding and acknowledging what your weaknesses are.  Once you come to terms with what this entails, you can look at ways to improve and or turn into a positive outcome.  Investing in yourself will empower you with knowledge and skills require to fulfil these weak points.  What is important is seeking to grow and evolve to be the best you can. As you invest in yourself the result will mean that you will see your business grow successfully by implementing the new skills and knowledge you have gained. You are never too old to learn new things in life. Believe in yourself, embrace yourself and don’t take your foot off the petal, the rest will fall into place.

These 10 key points comes down to your awareness, attitude and action.  However, some areas will require you to undertake some soul searching, some others will require you to research or require time to gain these skills and knowledge.  However, once you have achieved what you set your mind to achieve and can implement these new learnings into your business, you will never look back.