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We started off as a young couple wanting to start a family but with both working in corporate jobs, looking for a franchise that would allow us the flexibility to be our own boss and that fulfilled our dreams and requirements was our mission. Not knowing where to go to find our ideal franchise business was a challenge we faced. Being new into this industry and exploring our options, we simply wanted to learn more and not feel pressured into making a rushed decision. We felt that we lacked in the experience of finding our ideal franchise that matched our characteristics and have someone who cared about us and not just wanted to obtain a sale. This is why Looking for a Franchise was created to help and guide entrepreneurs to a platform where they can find a business based on each individuals characteristics and not experience the hard sell or pressured into making a decision on one particular franchise. Looking for a Franchise is a place where you can see many franchise brands and obtain the information with the difference that we care about your wants and needs and ask questions to help and guide you to find a franchise that is a perfect match for you. Have a chat with our team to provide you with options for you to explore further.



At Looking for a Franchise we specialise in ensuring that we actively listen to your needs and wants. With us gathering information from you, we can assist you to narrow down your franchise business options to make your journey of finding your ideal franchise a smooth but thorough experience. Providing you with lots of options to liaise with professional advisors to ask those questions that you don't feel comfortable asking a franchisor directly. This in return makes your experience of Looking for a Franchise a more enjoyable exercise.'



Across Australia there are many franchise businesses operating in almost every type of business category, with different levels of investment and complexity. Prior to entering into a franchise agreement, it is highly recommended that you conduct your own due diligences by researching the franchise brand, speaking with professional advisors, such as solicitors and accountants. But most importantly ensure that your ideal franchise business you choose is 'best fit' for you and your family.



With every franchise enquiry there is a recruitment process you need to follow. We support and guide you throughout your journey by providing you with direct access to professional advisors you can contact directly to ask for their professional assistance. We simply facilitate your process and support you throughout the process, but only you can decide which franchise business is right for you.



Utilise the information on our website and the experience in our team to guide you to make an informed decision on which franchise business is one that you wish to further investigate and complete your due diligence. Make a move, a positive change for the better! What are you waiting for? Contact our friendly team today.


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As owners of franchise brands, we understand the unique challenges that a person faces when looking for a franchise. Once you find a franchise that resonates with you, enter your details and complete the questions provided. You will receive the relevant information via email to commence exploring the franchise business further. Don't wait for someone to contact you, take the initiative and contact our friendly team today to have a chat. Find the information you need today! Looking for a franchise is a hub where you can explore and research a vase array of franchise businesses in various industries. You will have access to speak to a franchise recruitment specialist who doesn't have an invested interest in any of these businesses, but will help and guide you to conduct your own due diligence into looking for a franchise that is best suited for you. No obligations to purchase the franchise, simply inquire and explore your options.
If you're inspired, contact our friendly team today.